The “Ultimate Membership Pro Nulled” WordPress plugin stands out as a versatile and powerful solution, offering a comprehensive suite of features to website owners, content creators, and community builders.

Seamless Membership Management

The heart of Ultimate Membership Pro lies in its ability to seamlessly manage memberships on WordPress websites. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface that empowers website administrators to create, customize, and control access levels for their members. This capability is particularly valuable for content-driven websites, online courses, subscription services, or any platform where controlled access is paramount.

Feature-Rich Membership Levels

Ultimate Membership Pro offers a diverse range of membership levels, allowing website owners to tailor access and privileges according to their business model. Whether it’s a basic free membership or premium subscriptions with exclusive content, the plugin’s flexibility enables the creation of various membership tiers to cater to different audience segments.

Flexible Content Restriction

One of the standout features of Ultimate Membership Pro is its content restriction capabilities. Website administrators can easily restrict access to specific pages, posts, categories, or even custom post types based on membership levels. This granular control ensures that content remains exclusive to the intended audience, providing a valuable incentive for users to upgrade their memberships.

Integrated Payment Gateways

To facilitate seamless monetization of memberships, Ultimate Membership Pro integrates with popular payment gateways. Whether you prefer PayPal, Stripe, or other payment methods, the plugin ensures secure and smooth transactions. This flexibility is crucial for websites seeking to generate revenue through premium memberships or subscription-based models.

Automated Subscription Management

The plugin streamlines subscription management with automated processes. Users can subscribe, upgrade, or cancel memberships effortlessly, and the system will handle the corresponding adjustments in access levels automatically. This automation reduces the administrative burden on website owners, allowing them to focus on creating engaging content and fostering a vibrant community.

Diverse Content Protection Options

Ultimate Membership Pro goes beyond basic content restriction by offering various protection options. From dripping content over time to protecting downloads and even limiting access based on the number of views, the plugin provides a suite of tools to tailor content delivery according to your unique requirements.

Member Profile and Directory

Fostering a sense of community is vital for the success of many online platforms. Ultimate Membership Pro includes member profile and directory features, allowing users to create and manage their profiles. This enhances the community experience, encouraging interaction and collaboration among members.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Understanding the performance of your membership site is essential for making informed decisions. Ultimate Membership Pro provides robust reporting and analytics tools. Website administrators can gain insights into membership trends, revenue, and user engagement, enabling data-driven strategies for growth.

Responsive Design and Integration

Ultimate Membership Pro ensures a seamless user experience across devices with its responsive design. Additionally, the plugin integrates well with popular WordPress themes and other plugins, providing a cohesive and integrated website experience.

In conclusion, the Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress plugin is a game-changer for anyone looking to build and manage a thriving online community or subscription-based platform. Its versatile features, seamless integration with payment gateways, and robust content protection options make it an essential tool for website owners seeking to monetize their content while providing a personalized and exclusive experience for their members. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Ultimate Membership Pro remains a powerful ally for those aiming to create and sustain successful online communities.


Version 12.3 – 01.06.2024
- Changed: Files Optimization
- Fixed: Functionality when the Default Payment Gateway is missing
- Fixed: The Required option is removed when the Custom Field is removed from Admin Page

Version 12.2 – 12.20.2023
- Added: Members counted on each Membership with direct link to the members list
- Fixed: Constant {amount} value and format on certain situations
- Changed: The plugin crons registration process during update
- Fixed: Prorating Subscription management for Lifetime and Limited memberships type
- Changed: Bank Trasfer payments during registration process

Version 12.1 – 11.14.2023
- Fixed: WordPress Native Fields Labels translation
- Changed: Memberships Table when needs to show linked WooCommerce Products
- Fixed: Content Rules Access setup without a selected Membership
- Changed: WorkFlow of Register and Profile Forms for custom fields
- Fixed: Taxes showing up inside Payments table
- Changed: Prorating Subscriptions workflow
- Fixed: Search in Dashboard Tables
- Checked: Compatibility with PHP 8.1+
- Checked: Compatibility with WP 6.4.x
- Changed: Stripe Checkout workflow in particular setup scenarios
- Added: Wizard Setup

Version 12.0.1 – 10.06.2023
- Fixed: The shortcode for direct purchase, ihc-purchase-link
- Changed: Compatibility with WPML plugin
- Fixed: License activation on CloudFlare service
- Fixed: Access Rules - restrictions based on Categories didn't work properly on listed posts showcase
- Fixed: Print Invoice option on Payments table from Admin Dashboard
- Fixed: Custom Banner image for Account Page top section
- Fixed: Filtered Payments based on Members ID
- Added: extra special fields data inside Exported CSV file

Version 12.0 – 09.28.2023
- Fixed: Registration process with Free Membership
- Changed: How Values from Custom fields are displayed inside the Members Directory without spaces
- Added: Taxes calculation included or not in Membership Price
- Added: Pretty Links for front-end pages like Account Page tabs, and Checkout page with selected Membership
- Fixed: Dynamic Account value displayed inside the Notifications and Payments tables
- Changed: How Stripe Connect payment gateway is available on the front end without valid keys
- Fixed: Bulk Discount Codes generator with specific Lenght value
- Fixed: Social Connect Design options
- Changed: How Taxes are calculated when Discount Codes are used
- Fixed: Undefined variable inside Affiliates tab
- Fixed: Paystack Payment gateway addon warnings
- Fixed: Restict Entire Website without Login option related to various Homepages 
- Fixed: Various server compatibility related to FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING
- Added: Ultimate Membership Pro Dashboard improvements and better User Experience
- Fixed: Conditional Logic feature for Profile form fields
- Added: Filters inside the Payments Table
- Changed: Allow HTML Customization inside the Bank Transfer Message
- Fixed: Some custom templates are to be further customizable via the Theme folder
- Added: Stripe Connect and Stripe Checkout compatibility with the latest Stripe API version
- Fixed: Show Hidden Pages/Posts Titles in Listing option not applied for Bulk restrictions based on Categories
- Fixed: Adding a Plain Test custom field without a Label
- Changed: How the Workflow Restrictions module works in various scenarios
- Fixed: How DataBase Tables are generated on restrictive hosting servers
- Added: a dedicated editor for Custom CSS options
- Changed: Style on Login and Register forms 
- Fixed: Members Directory pagination workflow when filters are applied

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