Gravity Forms Nulled: The Ultimate WordPress Form Plugin for Your Website

Gravity Forms Nulled | Gravity Forms Free Download is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom forms and surveys for your website. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and extensive list of features, Gravity Forms is a must-have tool for any website owner who needs to create professional forms and surveys.

One of the key features of Gravity Forms Addons free download is its ease of use. The plugin is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to users of all skill levels. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create custom forms by selecting the fields you need and dragging them onto the form.

Gravity Forms (GPL) also offers a wide range of form fields, including text fields, drop-down menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. You can also add advanced fields such as file uploads, calculations, and conditional logic to your forms, allowing you to create complex forms and surveys with ease.

Another important feature of Gravity Forms is its flexibility. The plugin can be used for a wide range of purposes, from creating simple contact forms to complex surveys and order forms. You can also customize the look and feel of your forms to match your website’s design and branding, making them seamlessly integrated with your website.

Gravity Forms also comes with a variety of add-ons that can further extend its functionality. For example, the PayPal add-on allows you to create forms that accept payments, while the Mailchimp add-on allows you to integrate your forms with Mailchimp and other email marketing services.

One of the most significant advantages of Gravity Forms is its powerful integration with third-party services. The plugin can be easily integrated with popular services such as Salesforce, Dropbox, and Trello, allowing you to streamline your workflows and automate your processes.

Gravity Forms also offers excellent customer support, with a team of experts ready to help you with any questions or issues you may encounter. The plugin comes with detailed documentation and tutorials, as well as a robust support forum where you can connect with other users and share tips and tricks.

In conclusion, Gravity Forms is the ultimate WordPress form plugin for your website. With its ease of use, flexibility, and extensive list of features, it allows you to create professional forms and surveys that can help you connect with your audience, collect data, and streamline your workflows. If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable form plugin, Gravity Forms is the perfect solution for you.

Gravity Forms Nulled Addon List

  • Gravity Forms v2.8.0
  • Gravity Forms Mollie v1.5.0
  • Gravity Forms Tooltips JetSloth v1.1.47
  • Gravity Forms GFchart v2.2.2
  • Gravity Forms Bulk Actions Pro JetSloth v1.3.7
  • Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout v3.0.0
  • Gravity Forms Salesforce CRM Perks Pro v1.3.6
  • Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields v6.1.4
  • Gravity Forms Bookings Premium v2.1
  • Gravity Forms Bulk Add Fields JetSloth v1.1.5
  • Gravity Forms Constant Contact v1.7
  • Theme Pack For Gravity Forms v1.4
  • Grid Layout For Gravity Forms WPMonks v3.4
  • Bootstrap Addon For Gravity Forms WPMonks v1.9
  • Material Design For Gravity Forms WPMonks v5.6
  • Custom Themes For Gravity Forms WPMonks v2.3
  • Gravity Forms Checkbox & Radio Styler WPMonks v1.5
  • Gravity Forms Tooltips WPMonks v3.6
  • Gravity Forms Whatsapp v1.1
  • Gravity Forms WPDB Connect v3.7.0
  • Gravity Forms Charts v1.3.2
  • Gravitywp List Dropdown v2.0
  • Gravity Forms Square v2.1.0
  • Gravity Forms Color Picker v1.1.38
  • Gravity Forms 2checkout v2.1
  • Gravity Forms Blocklist v1.3.3
  • GravityImport v2.4.8
  • Gravity Forms Coupons v3.3.0
  • Gravity Forms Chained Selects v1.7
  • Gravity Forms Active Campaign v2.0.1
  • Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation v1.4.0
  • Gravity Forms Help Scout v2.1.1
  • Gravity Forms Capsule CRM v1.6.1
  • Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor v4.0.0
  • Gravity Forms MailChimp v5.2.1
  • Gravity Forms Multilingual v1.7.2
  • Gravity Forms Agile CRM v1.4.1
  • Gravity Forms iContact v1.5.1
  • Gravity Forms Emma v1.5.2
  • Gravity Forms GetResponse v1.7.1
  • Gravity Forms Twilio SMS v2.9.1
  • Gravity Forms Mad Mimi v1.4.1
  • Gravity Forms Breeze v1.5.1
  • Gravity Forms Trello v2.0.1
  • Gravity Forms AWeber v4.0.0
  • Gravity Forms Signature v4.6
  • Gravity Forms Collapsible Sections JetSloth v1.2.15
  • Gravity Forms Image Choices v1.4.11
  • Gravity Forms Color Picker JetSloth v1.2.8
  • Gravity Forms HubSpot v2.0.0
  • Gravity Forms User Registration v5.3.0
  • GravityWP List Number Format v2.0.9
  • Gravity Forms Clever Reach v1.8
  • Gravity Forms Suitecrm Pro v2.3.0
  • Gravity Forms Polls v4.2
  • Gravity Forms Google Analytics v2.1.1
  • Gravity Forms Quiz v4.1
  • Gravity Forms Slack v2.0.1
  • Gravity Forms Perfex CRM Integration v2.0.0
  • Gravity Forms Stripe v5.4.0
  • Gravity Forms Multiple Forms v0.3.8
  • Gravity Forms Styles Pro v3.1.2
  • Gravity Forms Supercharge v1.4.1
  • Gravity Forms Survey v3.9
  • Gravity Forms File Renamer v1.0.6
  • Gravity Forms EmailOctopus v1.2.2
  • Gravity Forms Geolocation v1.1.0 
  • Gravity Forms Zapier v4.2.1
  • Gravity Forms Pipe v1.4.0
  • Gravity Forms Zoho CRM v2.0.1
  • Gravity Forms reCAPTCHA v1.3.0
  • Gravity Forms Akismet v1.0
  • Gravity Forms Date Time Calculator v1.0-beta v4.15
  • Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Standard v3.5
  • Gravity Forms Moderation v1.0.2
  • Gravity Forms Cloudflare Turnstile v1.1.0
  • Gravity Forms Address Autocomplete v4.0 
  • Gravity Forms Webhooks v1.5 
  • Gravity Forms Partial Entries v1.7 
  • Gravity Forms Freshbooks v2.8
  • Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Pro v2.7 
  • Gravity Forms SendGrid v1.5 
  • Gravity Forms Authorize.Net v2.11 
  • Gravity Forms Debug v1.0 beta12
  • Gravity Forms Batchbook v1.3 
  • Gravity Forms Campfire v1.2.2 
  • Gravity Forms Gutenberg v1.0
  • Gravity Forms Highrise v1.3 
  • Gravity Forms HipChat v1.2
  • Gravity Forms Conversational Forms v1.0.0
  • Gravity Forms Dropbox v3.1.1
  • Gravity Forms Postmark v1.3
  • Gravity Forms Mailgun v1.3.1
  • Gravity Forms Field Icons WPMonks v2.7
  • Gravity Forms Fetcher JetSloth v1.0.2
  • Gravity Forms File Upload Pro v1.3.13
  • Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon v5.0


2.8.0 | 2023-12-07

  • Added a compact view to the form editor.
  • Added the default theme to the system report.
  • Added performance improvements by only enqueueing necessary styles on the front end.
  • Added support for field sidebar messages.
  • Added the gform_display_disable_css_setting filter to allow the display of the Output Default CSS setting.
  • Updated the telemetry background processor to log when it fails to send data.
  • Updated the field accordions in the form editor to all be open by default.
  • Updated the minimum WordPress version on the System Status page to 6.3.
  • Removed deprecated function string.format().
  • Removed several unused images.
  • Removed the “Output Default CSS” setting from the settings page and replaced it with the gform_disable_css filter.
  • Removed the HTML5 setting from the settings page.
  • API: Removed the deprecated form Theme Framework global CSS API color system properties.
  • API: Updated and refactored the form Theme Framework CSS API to reduce stylesheet size for better performance.

2.7.15 | 2023-10-05

  • Added a new global setting to select the default form theme. On new sites, “Orbital” will be the default theme.
  • Added a ‘theme’ parameter to the Gravity Forms shortcode.
  • Added a new gform_default_styles filter to apply the same styles to all forms on a site.
  • Fixed an issue where the setup wizard saves an empty license key if the user clicks the “Skip” button.
  • Fixed an issue that causes fatal errors on some sites during the background processing of telemetry data.
  • Fixed an issue where feed settings for ActiveCampaign, Agile CRM, Breeze, Mailchimp, Trello, Twilio, and ZohoCRM display a deprecation warning when using PHP 8.1.
  • Updated the appearance of the template library.
  • Updated the name of “Gravity” theme to “Gravity Forms 2.5 Theme.”
  • AF: Fixed the Creation of dynamic property CLASS::$delayed_payment_integration is deprecated notice with PHP 8.2.
  • AF: Fixed an issue where the background feed processor uses a stale instance of the add-on to process the feed preventing the {apc_media} merge tags from outputting values.

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