Peer to Peer File Sharing Without Uploading Nulled v.1.4 Free Download

Peer to Peer File Sharing Without Uploading Nulled is a web application with PWA support inspired by Apple AirDrop service. This application allows transferring files directly between devices without having to upload them to any server first. Users can send large files to multiple devices at the same time over the network fast and securely. This a user-friendly application so it’s easy to use users can manage everything easily.

Peer to Peer File Sharing Without Uploading Free Download Mostly all these file-sharing websites nowadays exist where these files are shared or stored on the server. This might be a privacy threat as many people during the current situation or generally will be sharing confidential documents or files using these services. Using a secure peer-to-peer connection and its Data channel huge files can be transferred without storing them on any server making it really robust and truly private as only the connected users/peers are communicating directly with no middle server use for transfers.

To send files to another device in the same local network, scan the QR code or open the same URL on both devices. The application generates random names for you and other connected users. Drag and drop files directly on another person’s avatar or click the avatar and select the files you want to send. The file transfer will start once the recipient accepts the files.