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Thrive Ovation Nulled the Easiest Way to Start Taking Advantage of One of the Most Underestimated Conversion Boosters

You spent hours writing a headline, addressing pain points and crafting the perfect offer.

A few months ago, she sent a message with a lot of praise about how working with you helped to achieve her goal.

You decide to dig up that email and copy Sally’s words.You hesitate, should you send a message and ask her? That feels a bit off, several months after she send you this email. And even if you did, should you then also ask her for a photo? Or should you wait until she accepts and ask later?

Leverage the Power of Social Testimonials

Your clients are already leaving raving comments on social media.

Now you can transform those comments into ready-to-insert testimonials.

Thrive Ovation Nulled integrates with Facebook and Twitter to grab the comment and import it into your testimonial Rolodex.

You’ll finally be able to leverage those social media mentions on your own website without using ugly screenshots.

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