SupportCandy v2.3.2 Nulled + Premium (+Addons) Free Download

SupportCandy Nulled This plugin adds to WordPress the features of a complete helpdesk ticket system. Easy to configure and easy to use is our first priority.

This plugin is result of our 4+ years of experience with WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System trusted by more than 10,000+ active users. This plugin is one step ahead in order to simplicity, functionality and extendability.

SupportCandy WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • GDPR Compatible: This plugin is fully compatible with GDPR Law.
  • Unlimited Tickets: There is no limit of tickets can be created in free version.
  • Unlimited Agents: You can create any number of agents so that you can divide your workload of replying tickets.
  • Ajax functionality: Almost every functionality is Ajax based so that its operational speed is at its best.
  • Front-end & Backend interface for agents: There is no need to pay anything to give your agents ability to manage their tickets on front-end. Agent can simply access tickets from same page where users can. Lots of settings given to maintain agent view and customer view. For example, agent should see columns which customers should not see, agent filters and customer filters, default orderby for agents and customers, number of tickets agent & customer can see, etc.
  • Guest Tickets: Often users do not like to create an account to raise ticket. This is very important feature for many websites where sales comes from answering questions and you may loose potantial customers just beause some of them do not like to create account. Guest tickets is very powerful tool and most importantly, it is absolutely free.
  • File Attachments: Files can not only be attached to description of ticket but also you can create any number of custom fields of type attachment.
  • Responsive Design: It is designed to work on any possbile screen size so that you can operate anytime, anywhere. It is recommended to use full-width template for support page so that it will work smoothly.
  • HTML Editing of Tickets: Description is TinyMCE powered so that users get editor to explain things easily
  • Custom Fields: SupportCandy Free Download comes with 10 in-built custom field types – Text Field, Drop-Down, Checkboxes, Radio Button, Textarea, Date (calendar input), URL, Email, Number Only, File Attachments, etc.
  • Agent Only fields (Fields visible only to agents in ticket): These are custom fields for agents only. It is not available in ticket form but for agents use after ticket has been created.
  • Private Notes: It is available for agents to save private notes to ticket (not visible to customer). It can used as internal communication among agents in ticket.
  • Ticket Form: Customizable ticket form allows you design your ticket form as per your requirement. You can even add extra information about any field to explain more about the ticket field to the users.
  • Advanced Filter: You can filter almost anything in ticket list with its powerful advanced filter. You can save filters so that they are available just one click to apply on ticket list.
  • Email Notifications: Customizable email notification templates available for you to customize as per your requirement. You can make use of macro tags for ticket specific information which gets replaced dynamically. Also, you can set conditions (rules) to send email notifications if it is matched. Conditions include any custom field which has options such as status, category, priority; custom fields such as drop-down fields, radio button, Checkbox fields, etc.
  • Rest API: This adds ablity for your developers to make use of API in their applications. Click here for API Documentation.

SupportCandy Addon List

  • SupportCandy v2.3.1
  • SupportCandy Woocommerce v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Gravity Form v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy SLA v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Assign Agent Rules v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy Satisfaction Survey v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy Reports v3.0.2
  • SupportCandy Private Credentials v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Usergroup v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy Agentgroup v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Schedule Tickets v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy FAQ Integration v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Knowledgebase Integration v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Print Tickets v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy Timer v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy EDD Integration v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Email Piping v3.0.3
  • SupportCandy Export Ticket v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Canned Reply v3.0.1
  • SupportCandy Automatic Close Ticket v3.0.0
  • SupportCandy Add-Ons 09-08-2022
  • SupportCandy Export Tickets v.3.0.4
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