Falcon Nulled v4.0.1 & v3.9.1 – Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template [React] Free Download

Falcon Nulled React is the ReactJS version of “Falcon – Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template“, built for you to create outstanding UI faster than ever before for your ReactJS based WebApp or Dashboard. Start your ReactJS project with Falcon, streamline your UI design and front-end workflow. Go to HTML version »

Falcon Nulled Features

  • Built with Bootstrap 5 (v5.2.2)
  • React 17.x and React v18.x  New
  • Dark and Light version 
  • Bootstrapped with Create React App
  • React Bootstrap(v2.7.0)
  • React router dom v6  
  • No jQuery dependency
  • PropTypes checking for all components
  • React hooks for state management
  • React Context API
  • Webpack 4, Babel, ES6 & Eslint based build system
  • Opinionated code formatter Prettier for a consistent codebase
  • Interactive and functional components and pages
  • Mocking data load for simulating real-world scenario on components
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Functional ChartJS & Echarts and Google Maps

We have developed a very basic Falcon Free Download react TypeScript starter pack to help developers get started with Falcon react with TypeScript. The project is still a work in process, and we are continuously developing the rest of the components of Falcon react. To get this starter pack, email us at support@themewagon.com with your purchased ID.